Technology serving humanity

3D Printer Homes

Imagine building a home in 4 days for under $4,000!

There are roughly 150 million homeless people in the world and 1.6 billion without adequate shelter. To alleviate this problem, TRS has developed its first prototype 3D printed house.

Our solution is able to address the common problems around the extrudability of concrete based material, mainting robotic precision, and pumping systems. We can build the walls of a house in just 48 hours.

Giving a home to the homeless is just the first step, the applications in architecture are endless!

Prosthetic Leg

For many around the world, the cost of prosthetic legs with natural movement exceeds their yearly income.

We have a prosthetic leg that allows more natural movement at an affordable price point for those in need.

Robotic Arm

Prosthetic robotic arms cost between $20,000 to $100,000 pricing out most of those that need it.

TRS is currently in the research and development phase of developing an affordable robotic arm without compromising quality.

At this stage, we have resolved the EMG signalling mechanism and hope to make more breakthroughs soon.


Navigate the complicated jurisprudental laws through simple, user-friendly tools.

Avoid the posiblity of human errors. Simply answer a few questions and let our algorthims do the rest.

Calculate your Inheritance, Iddah or Zakat in minutes!

Quran Hero

Everyone can be a Quran Hero!

Feel the Quran’s Arabic is too hard??
Learn 80% of the Quran’s Arabic in less than 1 year, or increase your speed and complete in 4 months.

Think Translations are good enough?
No Translations can match the original Quran! Learn to connect words to their original concepts, not translations.

Crazy Schedule?
Everyone has 7 minutes a day for the Quran.

When will I see a difference?
Just give us 2 weeks and you will understand your first verses in Arabic without translation insha’Allah.

Personalized Using Advanced Science!
We use Advanced Cognitive Science to engage your whole brain and Artificial Intelligence to personalize your learning.


Have you ever felt the pain of not knowing what day Eid is? Join the club! to finally resolve this problem, we have thought of a solution!

With LunaSee, you will be able to locate the moon on the horizon, take a photo – which we will cryptographically sign to make sure it is authentic – and once approved, notify all in the area so they can also witness the moon. It will also draw a line for the horizon, so if it is below the horizon, you don’t need to waste time trying to find it. We hope this solves the current moon sighting problem around the world.