About Us

Our Story

Our story began in 2006 when I met Mojtaba and Sara, two siblings sitting on the street with a scale, hoping to earn money by weighing people. As I passed by them every day, we became friends, and one day, I asked why they weren’t in school. That’s when I learned their father had passed away, making it impossible for them to afford education.

I knew I had to help. I offered to pay for Mojtaba’s education and give him an allowance if he promised to study instead of sitting on the streets. This act of kindness sparked something in me and inspired me to help other children in similar situations.

What started as a local support group has now grown into an international organization focused on humanitarian work. Today, The Rising Sun (TRS) has built hundreds of homes for the homeless, dug wells for those in need of water, built schools, and run orphanages worldwide. But we knew we could do more.

During a hot summer day building houses, my team and I realized there had to be a better way to help. We searched for automated building methods and discovered 3D printers for houses. This discovery led to the creation of TRS’s tech division.

Now, with a team of over 200 members, we develop and implement efficient and scalable solutions to provide underserved communities worldwide with adequate shelter, medical care, and clean water. Join us in our mission to change lives and make a difference in the world.

— Ali Hashemi, Founder

Our Mission

Develop high-tech solutions to to make primary human needs cheaper or more accessible to the general population while attempting to keep the tech as green as possible.

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