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TRS Academy

Been reading the Quran but have no clue what you are reading? Think translations are enough?

All it takes is 60 sessions to understand Quranic Arabic using etymology.

Muslim participants have said it was like learning their religion all over again. For Non-Muslim participants, it has cleared misconceptions about the Quran.

Join the 10,000+ students who have already benefited from this course.


An online Islamic encyclopedia consisting of over 6,000 pages of material without the boring jargon.

Get answers to all your questions.


The first of its kind visual learning game allows you to understand Quranic Arabic.

Our advanced Quran Learning Engine (QLE), based on over 10 years of research, combines Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, and Arabic Root Linguistics.


Education has become a luxury not everyone can afford.

We have been working hard to build schools in developing countries.

Our schools span across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East providing education to those most in need.